Erasure as a Service - EaaS

Erasure as a Service - EaaS

The services of Delete Technology – Eaas as a secure end-to-end deletion through one of our certified technicians. With this service, you can provide more resources to your IT team and increase your capabilities during critical periods or fully execute on-site deletion activities by our experts.


  • Perform the deletion of SAN mass storage equipment through our certified technicians. Maximize efficiency in demanding projects with experienced technicians who can produce and deliver results that cover all devices, physical, logical and virtual. Take advantage of our experts on site, all of them with extensive experience in the secure deletion of information on equipment: EMC, Netapp, HP, Dell, IBM, Huawei, Cisco, Sun Microsystems, Oracle, Hitachi, among others. We have deletion stations to perform a massive deletion of hard drives simultaneously and deliver services according to the work plan. Our deletion stations offer a capacity to erase 140 hard drives simultaneously.

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The Delete Technology Professional Services team offers a unique mix of experts, tools and processes to help you meet your organization’s specific regulatory and data protection requirements.